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Our Services

Translation specializing in Southeast Asian Languages, centering on Burmese

From Japanese and English to Burmese, Khmer, Thai, Vietnamese, Laotian, Malaysian and Indonesian and more.
*We also provide services for other languages. Please contact us for further details.
Areas of expertise: General business documents, product manuals, catalogs, company profiles, contracts, websites and more.

File types accepted:
Office Suite- MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint
DTP- InDesign, FrameMaker, Illustrator
Other- PDF etc.

CAT Tools: Trados Studio 2014
Features: Read in ‘Why choose KOKORIZE?’
-We also have translators available for other languages including Asian and European languages.

Certified translations in Myanmar

New system of translation and notary guarantee.

When people from Myanmar go to Japan or other countries overseas, they need to translate documents like identification papers or lists of family members, and present them to the embassy in order to obtain a visa. Furthermore, they also need to get a seal from a lawyer in Myanmar with a notary license. We provide a combined service, and you can get your translation as well as the official seal from our affiliated notary.

Example Price: Translation from Burmese to Japanese, including seal from a notary
National registration card: 15 USD
List of family members: 20 USD


Design and DTP

-Producing promotional material for companies.
-Planning and producing sales promotion materials for restaurants or other businesses in the customer service industry.
-Layout design, tracing, images
-Software used: InDesign, Illustrator, FrameMaker, and Photoshop
*We also accept orders for DTP in large quantities, using Myanmar, Cambodian and Vietnamese DTP networks.

Organizing your Printing

On demand printing- orders starting from only 1 page! We accept orders of up to a flat size of A3 (size before folding). Save money with orders of around 500 A4 fliers with our on-demand printing service.
Offset printing- for printing in large quantities.
*Printing will be carried out by our partner company.

Consulting for individual entrepreneurs or small businesses coming to Myanmar

Feasibility studies, company establishment procedure proxy, tax accountant services, audits, creation of business tour plans, accompaniment for business tours, interpreter dispatch.

In Myanmar, it is necessary to have an audit even for yearly financial statements by a qualified accountant certified in Myanmar, not just when the company is first established. Unlike large scale corporations, when companies started by an individual, or small scale entrepreneurs expand overseas, it is necessary to keep costs related to the expansion as low as possible. Because of our partnerships with leading local accounts, we are able to offer services at local prices.

Website Creation

-Design and production
-Creation of multilingual web pages
-Packages utilizing WordPress
-We also accept orders for HTML coding only