About Us

Corporate Philosophy

Connecting Japan and Southeast Asia through the spirit and language of Japan, and contributing to mutual development.

Our Mission

Four things we aim for through our language and document services.

(1) Breaking down language barriers in business

Language differences are the first hurdle businesses expanding overseas or exporting overseas need to overcome. Language differences encompass not just communicating, but also differences in business practices.
Language differences are something that businesses experience not just when they first expand overseas, but also as they continue their business overseas.
We provide the support that people from international companies need to conduct business with Southeast Asia free of stress through our own translators and work processes.

(2) Supporting the development of Myanmar’s export industry

The majority of Myanmar’s export industry is currently occupied by agriculture and marine products, and the sewing industry. We are anticipating a future increase in the amount of products developed uniquely in Myanmar, for example manufactured products, being sent overseas, accompanying the growing economy. We support this business activity through localization services, for the economic development of Myanmar.

(3) Rejuvenating Japan from the outside by doing business with Southeast Asia

Even though we conduct business in Southeast Asia, never forget that we are a Japanese company, and we believe that we can contribute to Japan from overseas by doing business in Southeast Asia. Even though we are still a relatively small company, we are conducting business that will make a positive contribution to the Japanese people and economy.

(4) Having a positive effect on the people of Southeast Asia by developing business in Southeast Asia with Japanese spirit, or ‘Kokoro’

There are many ways in which the lives of the people of Southeast Asia can be improved by the further introduction and adoption of Japanese goods, services, and ways of thinking.
By carrying out business in Southeast Asia in a Japanese style, we aim to enhance the well-being of the people of Southeast Asia.

Our Credo
Our Credo
  • Supporting people from overseas working hard in Southeast Asia with the full power of services rooted in the local community.
  • We strive for translations that are not just simply a replacement of words, but that are based on an understanding and respect for the difference in the spirit of the two languages involved, connecting the hearts of people.
  • We believe that Japanese business practices are the best in the world. We provide meticulous service, we are client-focused, we emphasize quality, and we keep deadlines.
  • We carry out our business with pride, and a professional attitude.

Thoughts on the company name

‘Kokorize’ is a word that we coined to mean that we do business with Japanese ‘Kokoro’, or spirit. There are things that are considered conventional in Japanese business, that are difficult to do overseas. Examples include keeping deadlines, making products that match specifications, providing meticulous service, working with a professional attitude- we expect that these principles that are the norm for business in Japan are something to be proud of, and will spread to the rest of the world.
We chose the name ‘Kokorize Japan’ because we want a company name that means we are supporting all Japanese companies doing business overseas with some Japanese ‘Kokoro’ spirit, as well as our own company.
The name also shows that we are a company that is not satisfied with the present, and are always looking upwards, with the combination of ‘koko’ (which meanse "here" in Japanese) and ‘rize’, based on the English word ‘rise’.
Furthermore, we chose to add ‘Japan’ to our name to show that we are proud of being a Japanese company doing business overseas.

Our Logo

Our Logo

By putting a heart in the middle of our logo, we aim to show that we are a business that has Japanese ‘Kokoro’ spirit, and that we are connected to the essence of everyone around us, showing that we are a business that connects souls and words beyond borders.
Making the two connected hearts look like a tree symbolizes connected hearts that will eventually grow into a big, wonderful tree.
Enhancing the well-being of the people of Southeast Asia while rejuvenating Japan from overseas. This is our corporate philosophy.