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Why choose Kokorize?

In-house translators

For translations between English and Burmese, and Japanese and Burmese, we have a team of full-time in-house translators.

Not outsourcing our work means that we can offer prompt service, and accurately convey the client’s translation specifications.
– We also hire experienced freelance translators, all of whom have passed our company’s trial translation, for other languages.
– We are currently expanding the number of in-house translators for other Southeast Asian languages.

One-stop document services- not just translating

Translations are not made for the sake of having a translation- they are made to be used for a purpose, for example to be printed and distributed, or posted on a website.
We don’t simply replace the text in a MS Office Word file- we deal with your translation using software compatible with your document goals, whether those may be DTP, a website, or printing; and will see the job through right to the finished product in one single order.
Drawing on the strength of Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools to complete projects in a systematic way, we provide translation processes that are most suited to client goals.
Furthermore, with the cooperation of the Dairoku Printing Group Ltd., we can even take care of the printing.
We can take care of your document needs in one easy transaction, so placing orders with us is much less of a hassle.

Experienced Japanese staff at our Myanmar office

‘We know we can trust the supplier in home country, but can we expect the same quality from their bases overseas…’ Have you ever worried about this?
We have an office located in Myanmar, to which we assign a Japanese staff member with extensive experience in the field of translation, who serves clients together with the local staff.
By having a firm base in the local area, we can offer meticulous service to foreign corporations based in Myanmar or elsewhere.

CAT tools and translations

We use TRADOS, the most widely used CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tool in the translation world. (Brought to you by SDL International.)
We cater to Office Suite files, as well DTP applications like InDesign and FrameMaker, and files like HTML or XML, making the translation process more effective, reducing overall costs, decreasing deadline times, and integrating translated texts; we have also realized the automatization of half of our DTP processes.
* The use of TRADOS is decided on a case-by-case basis.


Our representatives have many years of experience in major Japanese-affiliated corporations.
The quality of our translations is the sum of the translator and the project manager. Even with the same translator, the quality of a translation depends largely on the instructions given and the management method.
We aim to offer you the best-fit translation process; as well as assigning the best translator for the job in accordance with the content, amount, and end use of the translation, we will also present the best work process by listening to the customer.
What we mean by this is that we give our translators detailed instructions about the text style and integration of terminology by preparing ahead of time for a project, for example arranging the data to be easily translatable by researching supporting documentation in order to standardize terminology and phrasing, consolidating a list of translation terms, and looking into the use of a CAT tool, upon first understanding the use of the document.
By doing this, our translators are able to follow the directions of the project manager and concentrate on translating, working to the best of their ability. In this way, we carry out both translation pre-engineering and post-engineering, keeping our gaze fixed on the final processes that will occur after the translation is finished.
So unlike a service where we simply forward on your file to a translator for translation, we carry out thorough project management- just look at the results to see how big of a difference there is.
Our staff are also always increasing their knowledge in managing projects through our independently developed education system.